Workshop on Good Practices for Disaster Risk Management of Cultural Heritage

Dates: 8th to 10th October, 2020
Times: 11:00-13:00 CET / 18:00-20:00 JST
Workshop Platform: Zoom
Organized by: DMUCH and ICCROM


The workshop aimed to showcase various projects on disaster risk management of cultural heritage undertaken by the former participants of International Training Course on Disaster Risk Management of Cultural heritage nicknamed as ITC, being organized by Ritsumeikan University and ICCROM since 2006. In addition, it aimed to review the activities of ITC since 2006 and works towards building a stronger network among the ITC lecturers and the former ITC participants. The call for applications to former ITC participants who have participated in the ITC since 2006 were opened. Seven projects were selected through review of 27 applications submitted by the alumni of this course. All selected presenters presented their project during the workshop and, after consideration by our jury members, two presenters were selected for the Best Practice Award and one presenter was selected for the Exemplary Practice Award. Besides, a video message from Prof. Kenzo TOKI (Special Research Fellow of Kinugasa Research Organization), the founding father of ITC, and former director of DMUCH was presented. In addition, video messages of former ITC participant’s memories of the program were also presented. These messages recalled the history of the establishment of ITC, the eff orts of our former resource persons, the memories of ITC former participants, and the implementation their learnings from ITC in their projects.

Approximately 150 persons including the ITC lecturers, ITC former participants and the public audience participated in the workshop for each day On the first day, Dr. Webber Ndoro, ICCROM Director General, gave inaugural address, followed by a welcome remarks from Prof. Takeyuki OKUBO, director of DMUCH. On the third day, the video message of Prof. Kenzo TOKI who is a founding father of ITC, and former director of DMUCH is introduced. In addition, the video messages including best memories of ITC, the contribution to the professional work after returning to countries and inspirational messages recoded by ITC 13 former participants were introduced. We appreciate to Prof. TOKI and ITC former participants for contributing to make this video session. We could comprehensively revisit the 14 years’ ITC history and could build tighter bond of ITC-family.

6 nominees for the Best Practice Award

  • “Fire risk mitigation strategies for urban heritage site in Cairo, Egypt”
    Abdelhamid Salah Abdelhamid SAYED (ITC 2014, Egypt)
  • “Mapping risks for cultural heritage in Mexico”
    Dulce María GRIMALDI (ITC 2016, Mexico)
  • “Utilisation of traditional water cisterns as water source in case of fire in Gijokastra, Albania”
    Elena MAMANI (ITC 2014, Albania/Greek)
  • “Disaster risk management plan for Punakha Dzong, Bhutan”
    Junko MUKAI and Dechen TSHERING (ITC 2010, Japan/Bhutan)
  • “Disaster risk management plan for Humberstone and Santa Laura Saltpeter works, Pozo Almonte, Chile”
    Marcela HURTADO (ITC 2015, Chile)
  • “Heritage New Zealand Pouhere Taonga (HNZPT) draft guidance for preparing heritage risk management plans”
    Vanessa Anne TANNER (ITC 2016, New Zealand)

Exemplary Practice Award

“George Town world heritage city, Malaysia”
Ming Chee ANG ITC 2017, Malaysia)  

Best Practice Award

Dulce María GRIMALDI (ITC 2016, Mexico)
Elena MAMANI (ITC 2014, Albania/Greek)