ITC 2014, the 9th year

6th to 22nd September, at Kyoto, Kobe and Tohoku area, Japan

2014 ITC Theme:
Protecting living cultural heritage from disaster risks due to fire

14participants from Albania, Australia, Croatia, Ecuador, Egypt, The Fiji Islands, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Iraq, New Zealand, Pakistan, Syria, and Thailand.

Field Work Places:
Kiyomizu Dera, Fire Prevention Facilities at Ninna-ji Temple, Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institution Theater, Kobe Earthquake site, Minami sanriku cho

Organized by:
Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage, Ritsumeikan University In cooperation with UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOM & ICOMOS/ICORP

Course Pictures

Opening address given by the Vice Chancellor, Ritsumeikan University
Congratulatory address given by the Toyota Foundation
The first Group Photo by the trainees and Lectures of ITC 2014
Site investigation of wooden heritage buildings at Kiyomizu-Dera Temple
Field work for Risk Assessment at Sannei-Zaka Important Preservation District and there surroundings
Observing Disaster Prevention Facilities for Cultural Assets at Ninna-ji Temple
Workshop at the Minami-Sanriku-Cho disaster affected area by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami
Case Study Project of “Cultural Hertage Disaster Prevention Plans” prepared by the participants
Presentation of completion certificates to the participants
The Last Group Photo of ITC 2014 with the Expert of International Organizations