ITC 2017, the 12th year

28th August to 16th September 2017, at Kyoto, Kumano and Kobe,Japan

2017 ITC Theme:
Towards Integrated Protection of Immovable and Movable Cultural Heritage from Disasters

11 participants from Bhutan, Philippines, Turkey, Malawi, Malaysia, Brazil, Laos, India, France, Italy and Myanmar

Field Work Places:
Kyoto National Museum
The temples and the Ponto-cho district in Kyoto. The flood disaster occurred in the Kumano which is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the reconstruction effort.
Kobe area from the Great Hanshin-Awaji (Kobe) Earthquake in 1995.

Organized by:
Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage, Ritsumeikan University
In cooperation with UNESCO, ICCROM, ICOM, ICOMOS/ICORP and relevant institutions of the government of Japan

Course Pictures

The lecture by Cultural Asset Division, Kyoto Prefecture
Site visit of Kiyomizu-dera conservation place
Site visit for Kiyomizu-dera World Heritage site
Site visit of Preservation District (Citizen Hydrant)
Site visit of Ponto-cho where fire damaged
Field work for risk assessment at Ponto-cho
A lecture at R-DMUCH (Landslide)
Discussion at R-DMUCH (Emergency response)
The lecture of firefighting facilities at Tofuku-ji WHS
Yokogaki Ridge
Workshop for designing recovery process
Discussion for designing recovery process
Final presentation of case projects and discussion
Farewell and certification
A group photo of International Symposium