ITC 2011, the 6th year

10 to 24 September 2011 Kyoto, Kobe and Tohoku area of East Japan

2011 ITC Theme:
Integrated Approach for Disaster Risk Mitigation of Historic Cities

9 participants from Colombia, Jamaica, Mexico, Kenya, Uganda, India, Bangladesh and China

Field Work Places:
Kyoto, Kobe, Minami Sanriku-cho

Organized by:

Course Pictures

ITC2011 Participants and Lecturers
Site Visit: Fire Prevention Facilities at Ninna-ji Temple WHS
Workshop: Role Playing Exercise, Emergency Response Procedures
Site Visit: Minami-Sanriku Cho affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake (2011 Tohoku) and Tsunami Disaster
Lecture: Post Disaster Recovery of Movable Heritage
Presentation of Certificates to the Participants