ITC 2019, the 14th year

9-30 September 2019, at Kyoto and Hyogo, Japan

2019 ITC Theme:
Towards Integrated Protection of Immovable and Movable Cultural Heritage from Disasters

12 participants from Argentina, Armenia, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, South Africa, Uganda and Italy

Field Work Places:
Kyoto National Museum, Kiyomizudera, the Ponto-cho district in Kyoto.
The flood disaster affected places like Hirafuku, Sayo-cho and Takeda, Asago-shi.
Kobe (Great Han shin Awaji earthquake recovery area)

Organized by:
Institute of Disaster Mitigation for Urban Cultural Heritage, Ritsumeikan University
In cooperation with UNESCO, ICCROM and its regional office in Sharjah, ICOM & ICOMOS/ICORP

Course Pictures

A Field Work for Risk Assessment in Ponto-cho, Kyoto
A Site Visit to a Traditional Japanese Townhouse at Ponto-cho, Kyoto
A Group Photo at Meiji Kotokan Hall at Kyoto National Museum, Kyoto
A Lecture of DRM System in Kyoto National Museum, Kyoto
An Exercise of Risk Assessment for collections at Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Kyoto
A Site Visit to Takeda Castle Ruins, Hyogo
A Site Visit to Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Institute in Kobe, Hyogo
A Site Visit to Kiyomizu-dera World Heritage Site, Kyoto
A Lecture of Environmental Water Supply System in Kiyomizu Area, Kyoto
A Site Visit to a Preservation District in Sannenzaka Area, Kyoto
A Site Visit to Kyoto City Disaster Prevention Center, Kyoto
A Site visit to Higashi Hongan-ji (Temple), Kyoto
Discussion at Final Presentation
Final Presentation of Case Study Projects
A Farewell(group photo)