ITC 2022 Participants

Amalija PAVLIĆ (Croatia)
Senior Adviser,
Institute for the Restoration of Dubrovnik
Case Study Project Poster
Amanda Emma OHS (New Zealand)
Senior Heritage Advisor,
Christchurch City Council
Case Study Project Poster
Birsen INCEL (Turkey)
Technical Expert (MSc Architect-Restoration
Specialist), Directorate of Gallipoli Historic Site
Case Study Project Poster
Chao-Shiang LI (Taiwan ROC)
Associate Researcher & Adjunct Assistant Professor,
Cultural Properties Research Center / Development of Interior Design, China University of Technology
Case Study Project Poster
Chris Soliz (US)
Adjunct Instructor,
Emergency & Disaster Management,
Western Carolina University
Case Study Project Poster
Evan OXLAND (Canada)
Built Heritage Advisor,
Parks Canada Agency, Indigenous Affairs
and Cultural Heritage Directorate,
Built Heritage Unit – National Office
Federico ZAINA (Italy)
Research Fellow,
Department of Architecture, Built Environment,
Construction Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
Adjenct Professor,
Department of History and Culture, University of
Case Study Project Poster
Jean Francois LAFLEUR (Republic of Mauritius)
Site Manager,
Le Morne Heritage Trust Fund
Case Study Project Poster
Martin Nicolás FERNÁNDEZ-ORDÓÑEZ (Guatemala)
Curator of Casa Popenoe,
Francisco Marroquin University
Case Study Project Poster
Masoud NAKHAEI (Iran)
Earthen Structures Conservation & Climate Change
Risk Management Consultant,
Pasargadae and Persepolis World Heritage Sites
Case Study Project Poster
Michel Louis DE L’HERBE (Chile)
Consultant in Emergency Management and Public
Michel De L’Herbe Emergency Management
Consulting MGMT
Case Study Project Poster
Natalie Ann DE LA TORRE SALAS (Puerto Rico)
Public Archaeology Outreach Coordinator,
Southwest Region,
Florida Public Archaeology Network,
Florida Atlantic University
Case Study Project Poster
Raghda Nasr EL. NEZORY (Egypt)
The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities
Case Study Project Poster
Suraj GAUTAM (Nepal)
Executive Director,
Institute of Himalayan Risk Reduction
Case Study Project Poster

This year, we have granted status of associate observers to those applicants who were not selected as the participants of the course but got good scores among the shortlist.