ITC 2021 Participants

Alexandre A. COSTA (Portugal)
Founder and partner and head of research and development / Invited professor
NCREP — Consultancy on Rehabilitation of Built Heritage, Ltd. / Polytechnic Institute of Porto, School of Engineering
Case Study Project Poster
Ana GóMEZURIBE(Colombia)
Advisor on conservation and collections management
Strengthening Museums Program /Colombia National Museum / Ministry of Culture
Case Study Project Poster
Artnet HASKUKA (Kosovo)
Council of Cultural Heritage –Prizren Historic Center
Case Study Project Poster
Aya MIYAZAKI (Japan)
Doctorate Student
University of Tokyo (Until 3 May 2021, UNESCO Office in Lima)
Case Study Project Poster
Flavio HAENER (Switzerland)
Cultural Property Protection Responsible
Canton Basel-Stadt, Government
Case Study Project Poster
Jennifer LANG (US)
Adjunct Associate Professor, Director of MSc(Conservation)
The University of Hong Kong
Case Study Project Poster
Katrīna KUKAINE (Latvia)
The National Library of Latvia
Considering proximity to the water (river bank, as well sea) the main risk is floods.  But there are also manmade disaster risks as military risks or fire.
Case Study Project Poster
Head for the UNESCO World Heritage, Urban Decorum, Urban Hygiene and Communitarian Policies Sector
Municipality of Urbino
Case Study Project Poster
Infrastructure Design Reviewer
United Nations Office for Project Services
Raphael IGOMBO (Kenya)
Head of education and Public programs Department
National Museums of Kenya
Case Study Project Poster
Richard BAULA (Philippines)
National Historical Commission of the Philippines
Case Study Project Poster
Veronica PIACENTINI (Italy)
Italian Civil Protection Department
Case Study Project Poster
Vinka MARINKOVIć (Croatia)
Conservator restorer
Croatian Conservation Institute
Case Study Project Poster

ITC 2021 Observers

Mohamed SOLIMAN  (Egypt)
JSPS International Researcher
DMUCH-Ritsumeikan University
Suzana KASOVSKA GEORGIEVA (North Macedonia)
Deputy director and trainer
Institute for Research in Environment, Civil Engineering and Energy